Louis T. Lemay

Louis T. Lemay

In his role as CEO and excellence facilitator, Louis has helped to position his firm as a leader in the built environment field, in Canada and abroad.

In his role as President and excellence facilitator, Louis Lemay has positioned his firm as a leader of the built environment in Canada and abroad. A Fellow of the Royal Architectural Institute of Canada, Mr. Lemay has overseen more than 1,000 projects since joining the firm in 1986. He has also driven Lemay's vitality and spectacular growth to now include six offices in Canada and the United States.

Under his leadership, the firm has ranked 45th largest architectural practice in the world (World Architecture 100 - 2020), while also being awarded more than 400 awards and distinctions.

Lemay is part of the Canada’s Best Managed Companies award program since 2013 and became a Platinum Standard winner in 2020.