Lemay wins the Montréal architecture firms annual volleyball tournament!

Blog May 31, 2016
2016-05-28_tournoi_bur_archi_3equip_Lemay_b Last weekend, on the 28th of May, Lemay took first place in the volleyball tourney which included 13 architecture firms from the region. Lemay beat out Provencher Roy in the final, unseating their Montréal championship title. Big congrats to the 22 participants of the three teams! Deserving all the honours: Ahmad Elmawieh Anne Acielle Barros Annick Verreault Aude Robert Brigitte Binet Carlos Santibanez Catherine Lowe Dany Bouchard Didier Heckel Élisabeth Fortin Francois Bisson Francois Duchesne Geneviève Belliveau Julia Easto Julie Cicciarello Kevin Beauchamp Khaled Sleiman Martine Lessard Matthieu Favreau Réjean Belley Remi Chabot Thomas Séguin Valérie Dubois
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